Skullspace Live

Skullspace Live is an irregular virtual meetup of Skullspace members by video conference and IRC on occassional Tuesday evenings and other special occassions.

On some occassions it is broadcast to YouTube when we have a talk booked. Email if you would like to present to our hackerspace in-person or online. All presentation events are done in "hybrid" mode where we have an in-person and online audience.

All times are in Winnipeg time (North America Central time zone [UTC -6] with daylight saving time [UTC -5])

Upcoming schedule


Live chat: #skullspace on Libera. Web interface

Broadcast archive

Occassionally our video conferences are broadcast. During one stretch of 2021 we had regular broadcasts.

If you or someone you know would make an interesting guest for something like a presentation or demo, we'd be happy to do a broadcast for such an occassion. Contact Mark Jenkins (